Samson - mighty from the neck down
Written by Jay Yeager
Saturday, 22 February 2014 18:52

Samson – mighty from the neck down


1.      Samson’s father’s name is Ma-no-ah, of the family of Danites (Judges 14:2; 18:1; I Chronicles 12:35)

a.       From the tribe of Dan (Judges 14:2), the fifth son of Jacob.

b.      Reuben (Genesis 29:32); Simeon (Genesis 29:33), Levi (Genesis 29:34), Judah (Genesis 29:35), Dan (Genesis 30:6); Naphtali (Genesis 30:8); Gad (Genesis 30:11; Asher (Genesis 30:13); Issachar (Genesis 30:18), Zebulun (Genesis 30:20), Joseph (Genesis 30:24), Benjamin (Genesis 35:18).


2.      Little information is given about the tribe of Dan:

a.       Only one son (Hushim) is attributed to Dan (Genesis 46:23).

b.       Last time mentioned as a tribe (I Chronicles 27:22). Listed in Ezekiel 48:1-8


3.      Numbered only behind Judah as having the most fighting men 62,700 (Numbers 1:39), yet they are given the least space in Canaan.


4.      To whom did the angel of the Lord appear (Judges 13:3)? _________________

a.       What did he tell the woman? _________________________________

5.      What instruction did the angel give the woman (Judges 13:4)? _______________

a.       Why (Judges 13:5)? _____________________________________________________

b.      What restrictions were a part of the Nazarite vow (Numbers 6:1-8)? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

c.       How long would Samson be a Nazarite (Judges 13:7)? _____________________________________________________________

6.      When the woman went to her husband to speak of the visit, how did she describe the angel of the Lord (Judges 13:6)? __________________________________

a.       On occasion, did angels take human form (Genesis 18:1-22; 19:1-16 see Hebrews 13:2)? ___________________________

7.      What did Manoah ask of God (Judges 13:8)? _____________________________

8.      Did the angel of the Lord appear unto Manoah and his wife (Judges 13:9-11)? ___

9.      After hearing the instruction the angel had given to his wife (Judges 13:12-14), did either Manoah or his wife understand the significance of this visit (Judges 13:15-21)? ____________________________________________________

a.       What does Manoah want to do (Judges 13:15; see also Genesis 18:5-8)? __________________________________________________________

b.      Does Manoah understand who he is entertaining (Judges 13:16)? _____

c.       What does Manoah ask of the angel (Judges 13:17)? ________________

                                                   i.      Why? ______________________________________________

                                                 ii.      Who else wanted the name of an angel (Genesis 32:24-29; Hosea 12:3-4)? ____________________________________________

                                                iii.      Did the angel give Manoah his name (Judges 13:18)? _________

d.      What happens when Manoah offers a burnt offering unto the Lord (Judges 13:19-21)? _________________________________________________

10.  When they did fully understand that an angel appeared unto them, what does Manoah fear (Judges 13:22)? _____________________________________

11.  Why was Manoah’s wife unafraid (Judges 13:23)? ______________________

12.  When Samson was born, who blessed him (Judges 13:24)? ________________

a.       Along with Samson, who else is commended for their faith from the book of Judges (Hebrews 11:32)? ___________________________________

13.  Samson would Judge Israel for twenty years (Judges 15:20; 16:31)

The judges and the years they judged Israel: 1) Othniel – 40 years (Judges 1:13). 2) Ehud – 80 years (Judges 3:15). 3) Shamgar – 10 years (Judges 3:31). 4) Deborah – 40 years Judges 4:4). 5) Gideon – 40 years (Judges 6:13). 6) Tola – 23 years (Judges 10:1). 7) Jair – 22 years (Judges 10:3). 8) Jephthah – 6 years (Judges 11:1). 9) Ibzan – 8 years Judges 12:8). 10) Elon – 10 years (Judges 12:11). 11) Abdon – 7 years (Judges 12:13). 12) Samson – 20 years (Judges 13:24; 15:20; 16:31).


14.  Samson goes to Timnath and saw a woman of the Philistines (Judges 14:1-4).

a.       What does Samson want his parents to do (Judges 14:2)? _______________

b.      Are Samson’s parents in favor of the request (Judges 14:3)? _____________

c.       What did they encourage Samson to do (Judges 14:3)? __________________

d.      What did God’s law say (Deuteronomy 7:2-4)? _______________________________________________________________

e.       Were the parents strong enough to say “NO”? _________________________

f.        Does God use bad decisions to work for good (Judges 14:4)? _____________


15.  What happened when Samson met a young lion (Judges 14:5-6 see Leviticus 26:22)?

a.       Did Samson tell his father and mother? _____________________________


16.  Was Samson pleased with the Philistine woman (Judges 14:7-11)? ___________

a.       When Samson ate honey out of the carcase of the dead lion, did he violate the Nazarite vow? ______________________________________________

b.      Is that why he did not tell his parents where the honey came from? _______


17.  Why did the Philistines supply thirty companions for Samson at the wedding feast:

a.       It was the custom of the time? ______________________

b.      They wanted to keep an eye on Samson? ___________________


18.  Samson puts forth a riddle (Judges 14:12-20). The wager, thirty sheets (shirts) and thirty changes of garments, with seven days to answer the riddle.

“Out of the eater comes forth meat,

and out of the strong came forth sweetness”

a.       After three days the men are no closer to an answer, so they go to Samson’s wife and tell her to get the answer or…(Judges 14:15)? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


b.      What does Samson’s wife accuse him of (Judges 14:16)? ______________

c.       When did Samson finally relent (Judges 14:17)? ________________


d.      What does Samson’s wife do with the answer? _______________________

“What is sweeter then honey?

And what is stronger than a lion”

e.       When the Philistines answer the riddle, does Samson know who is behind it (Judges 14:18)? _____________________________________________


19.  How does Samson pay the debt [Askelon, is one of the five major cites of the Philistines see I Samuel 6:16-17] (Judges 14:19)? ___________________________

20.  What happened to Samson’s wife (Judges 14:20)? ________________________

Thought Question

·        Was Samson’s wife treated as though she were property? __________________


·        The companions given to Samson threatened to burn her and her family. Would she have been given to one who threatened her? ________________________________


Samson’s revenge

21.  Did Samson believe his actions were justified (Judges 15:1-3)? _______________

22.  How did Samson burn the Philistines’ fields (Judges 15:4-5)? ___________________

23.  What did the Philistines do to Samson’s wife and her father (Judges 15:6)?

a.       Why did they burn them? ________________________________________

24.  Was Samson going to be satisfied after avenging his former wife and her father (Judges 15:7-8)? _______________________________________________

A slaughter that starts a man hunt

25.  Samson flees to Judah with the Philistines in hot pursuit. The Philistines spread themselves in Lehi. Were the men of Judah in a panic mode when the Philistines come into their land (Judges 15:9-13)? __________________

a.       What did the men of Judah say of the Philistines (Judges 15:11)? ____________________________________________________________

b.      How many men of Judah went to Samson? ________________

c.       What was their intent (Judges 15:12)? _______________________

d.      Under what condition did Samson submit to them (Judges 15:12-13)? _________________________________________________________

26.  How many Philistines did Samson kill in Lehi (Judges 15:15-16)? _____________

a.       What weapon did Samson use? ____________________________________

27.  When the battle was finished and Samson was thirsty, what did God do? (Judges 15:18-19)? ________________________________________________________

Samson in Gaza

28.  Samson encounters a harlot of the city and is entertained by her (Judges 16:1-3).

a.       When the men of the city learn that Samson is there, what action do they take? __________________________________________________________

b.      Apparently they assumed that Samson would be there for the night, for no guard is set.

c.       When does Samson arise? ___________________________________

d.      What does he take with him to mock the Philistines? __________________

Samson in the valley of Sorek

29.  Who does Samson fall in love with (Judges 16:4)? __________________________

30.  What do they offer her to learn the source of his great strength (Judges 16:5)? _________________________________________________________________

a.       How many Lords were there (I Samuel 6:16)? _______________________

b.      How much did they offer? __________________________

c.       5500 pieces of silver total. How many pieces did Judas betray Jesus for (Matthew 26:14-15)? ________________________________

31.  Does Delilah love Samson in return? __________________________

32.  Delilah presses Samson for the source of his great strength (Judges 16:6; 10; 13; 15-16):

a.       Bind me with seven green withes (strips of bark weaved together) that were never dried (Judges 16:7).

b.      Bind me with new ropes (Judges 16:11).

c.       Weave the seven locks of my head with the web (Judges 16:13).

d.      A razor upon my head, if I be shaven, then my strength will go away from me… (Judges 16:17). Delilah knew that Samson spoke his heart.

33.  After telling her three things that would make him weak like other men, and each time he was attacked, why did Samson tell her the truth? ______________________
_______________________ what happens when you play with fire? ____________

34.  When Samson’s hair was cut, what happened (Judges 16:20)? __________________

35.  What did the Philistines do to Samson (Judges 16:21)? ________________________

36.  When the Philistines had a great feast to their god “Dagon”, what did they say (Judges 16:23-24)? __________________________________________________

37.  Why did they call for Samson (Judges 16:25)? ____________________________

38.  What did Samson ask of the lad that led him by the hand (Judges 16:26-27)? _________________________________________________________________

39.  What request does Samson make of God (Judges 16:28-30)? _______________________________________________________________

40.  Was this a victory for Israel over the Philistines? __________________________

41.  Was Samson’s final act over his enemies an act of suicide? ____________

42.  Could Samson have killed his enemies and survived the collapse of temple? ____